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Gouzon is a small market town located in the centre of France, not far from Limoges and Clermont-Ferrand, with direct access to RN 145 / RCEA road. Gouzon is in the Creuse, one of the best places for walking, cycling or horse-riding.

But Gouzon is not just a peaceful place, it is also a dynamic village, with a wide range of shops and trades: in Gouzon you will find both the calm and tranquillity of a country village and the dynamism of a big city, without the negative aspects !

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Gouzon is famous for being the “3 bell towers village” : for historical reasons, there are 3 churches in our town, and each of them has something special to discover…

There is also a fly-fishing lake, a cinema, a library and many wonderful sites for walking, cycling or horse-riding ! Click here to learn more about the leisure activities in Gouzon

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There are almost 40 clubs in Gouzon, and we are sure you will find something you would like to do in your leisure time, whatever your interest may be !

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